When your talking about the world’s hottest peppers, it’s all about the Carolina Reaper…then everything else. Red and knobbly with a small pointed tail, the pepper has held the Guinness World Record as the hottest chili on earth since 2013. Naturally, as a self-touting “chili lover”, I made the monumental mistake of eating a my first fresh grown Reaper pepper whole last year. Suffice it to say, I will not be doing that again lol. There honestly is no way I could possibly describe the cataclysmic event my body endured for many hours….

I know you would like to know who is behind creation of the world’s hottest chili pepper? Many chili connoisseurs the world over can tell you that one man can take credit for its existence: “Smokin” Ed Currie. Now somewhat of a celebrity(at least, in the hot pepper niche), Currie crossbreeds a variety of peppers, in the hope of discovering exciting new flavors and heat levels. In the case of the Carolina Reaper, the mixture consists of a ghost pepper and a red habanero. On average, the pepper measures a palate searing 1.6 to 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units(SHUs). Just so that you have some idea of comparison. An average Jalapeño registers around 2,500 SHUs, while a Habanero comes in at around 100,000 SHUs, depending on its color and ripeness.